Future Peel, Isle of Man

Want to have your say on the look, feel and provision in Peel as a town, to make it more vibrant and prosperous and beautiful?

The Future Peel Community Group (FPGC) encourages you to share your thoughts.

Using their interactive map of the Peel area, tell them about specific places where you think things could be improved. FPGC welcome all ideas, big or small!

FPGC are also asking you to indicate on the map where you consider the ‘heart’ of Peel to be.

They will collate the views of Peel residents and nearby residents to create a powerful collective message, which can be used to inform and advocate to the relevant authorities and those interested in the future prosperity and investment in the town.

FPGC hope this will shape and influence improvements for Peel residents and visitors, and potentially inform a plan for our town.

The hope is for this engagement to be used to draw out the views of the community to inform or advocate positive changes for the future and people of Peel, whilst staying true to its character and history. 

This project is initiated and supported by Kate Lord-Brennan, MHK for Glenfaba & Peel

The “Future Peel” Community Group has been formed to discuss ideas and promote improvements and needs for the sunset city